Add-ons from this website are licensed for one year at a time. After that you may renew your license to continue updates and support.

  1. Automatic security and feature updates will be discontinued.
  2. The download link in your profile will disappear.
  3. You will no longer have access to advanced documentation of the item.
  4. You will no longer have access to technical support for the item.

Yes, extensions are designed to continue functioning even if your license expires. However, due to the nature of software updates (such as WordPress and other plugins), there is the possibility that the extension will eventually stop working due to other updates within WordPress or related plugins. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you renew your license, but it is optional.

No, you should only activate your license on your live site. You may still install our add-on(s) on your test server and use it without an active license.

Yes, at the moment of the purchase of any license, a subscription payment will be created automatically.

You can log into your profile and end your subscription at any time. This will NOT remove any support time you’ve already paid for, it will merely make it so you don’t automatically renew when your subscription time ends.

Yes, your subscription can be cancelled at anytime from your account page. You will retain access to support and updates until your license key expires, one year from the purchase date.

No, the built-in automatic update system will take care of all of that for you.

Yes. Renewing early will extend your license from its previous end (giving you two full years). Renewing late will give you one more year beginning from your point of renewal.

Early renewal example: If you purchased in April 2014, and renewed in January 2015 your license would expire in April 2016, giving you two full years.

Late renewal example: If you purchased in April 2014, and renewed in July 2015 your license would expire in July 2016, giving you two full years with a gap between April and July 2015.

Your first notice that your license is going to expire should come in your email, sent to the address you used when you purchased the license. Your email reminder that your license will expire contains a link to our checkout page with cart contents and license key information pre-filled for a renewal, so that you can simply check out.

If you don’t have that email there are two other options available to you. One is to log into your account page. Or you can simply go to the front page and add the product to your cart as if it were a new purchase. Then when you go to check out there’s an option to enter your previous license key.

You will receive an email notifying you of the renewal.

Yes, the license can be renewed on your account page. Renewing it will reactivate the subscription.

Check our support policy for full information about support included in our licenses.