Connect AutomatorWP with Zoom

Before start with this guide, there is everything you will need:

Setting up a Zoom application

The first step is to create a Zoom application to be able to connect your site with Zoom. AutomatorWP – Zoom add-on uses the OAuth method since is the most secured way.

There is a step by step guide about how to create a Zoom application:

1 – Sign in to your Zoom account and visit the Zoom App Marketplace to create a new app.

2 – On the OAuth box, click on the Create button.

3 – Fill the App Name field, set Account-level app as app type and uncheck the publication of this app in the marketplace. Click on Create to finish.

4 – Open a new tab in your browser and go to your site. Navigate to AutomatorWP > Settings > Zoom and copy the Redirect and Whitelist URL.

The URL should be something like:

5 – Come back to your Zoom app and paste the copied URL on the Redirect URL for OAuth and Whitelist URL fields and click on Continue.

6 – On the Basic Information tab, the unique required fields are App Name, Short Description, Long Description and Company Name (the company name is at bottom of the Basic Information section).

7 – Scroll down to the Developer Contact Information section and fill the Name and Email Address fields. Click on Continue.

8 – Skip the Feature tab.

9 – On the Scopes tab, click on the Add Scopes button.

10 – For a meetings app, choose Meeting and check the three options available.
For a webinars app, choose Webinar and check the three options available.

Important: AutomatorWP is able to connect with Meetings and Webinars. The most recommended is to set up different Zoom applications for each Zoom feature to prevent disconnections. So, you will need to create two Zoom applications, one for Meetings with the meetings scopes and another for Webinars with the webinar scopes.

11 – Skip the Activation tab.

You have created an Zoom OAuth app successfully!

If you want to connect with Zoom Webinars too, remember to repeat the process to create another app with the webinar scopes.

Setting up AutomatorWP

Now that you have your Zoom application(s) ready, is the moment to configure AutomatorWP on your site using your apps credentials.

1 – From your Zoom App Credentials, copy the Client ID and Client Secret.

2 – Go to your site and navigate to AutomatorWP > Settings > Zoom.

3 – Enter your app credentials on the fields with the same name (Client ID and Client Secret) and click on Authorize.

That’s all! Now that you have successfully connected AutomatorWP and Zoom, you are able to automate your meetings and webinars based on your site activity like purchases, e-learning and community activities or any of the triggers supported by AutomatorWP.

In addition, you can check the automations samples page where you can see some samples of the possibilities of this add-on.

For webinars simply repeat the process setting up an Zoom app with the webinar scopes and place its client ID and client secret on the AutomatorWP Zoom Webinars settings.

Important note for Zoom Meetings

For Zoom meetings that you want to use with AutomatorWP, be sure to check the Registration option as required. Users only can get registered on meetings with required registration.

This step if not required for webinars since registration is always required for them.