Getting started

Twilio is a powerful platform that lets you connect with customers everywhere they want to interact with you, from SMS messages to emails, phone calls to video or, included, intelligent chatbots and back.

AutomatorWP – Twilio add-on adds new actions to let you connect any of the WordPress plugins supported by AutomatorWP with Twilio.

You will be able to send SMS messages to your users automatically after they complete a purchase on WooCommerce, a BuddyBoss group request get accepted, get enrolled in a LearnDash course, event you are able to inform about the user membership status connecting them to Paid Memberships Pro or Restrict Content Pro.

First, you need to connect AutomatorWP with Twilio through the add-on settings as explained here. After setup this connection, you are able to create automations using the Twilio add-on actions.

Also, you can check the automations samples page where you can see some samples of the possibilities of this add-on.