Connect AutomatorWP with Twilio

Before start with this guide, there is everything you will need:

Setting up your Twilio account

The first step is to get your Twilio account API keys to be able to connect your AutomatorWP with Twilio. If you are using a trial version, a trial phone number is completely valid too.

There is a step by step guide about how to get your Twilio account API keys:

1 – Sign in to your Twilio account and visit your Twilio dashboard.

2 – If you do not have a number in Twilio, click on Get a Trial Number button. You can purchase a number at the moment of your choice, just make sure that the number you acquire has support to send SMS messages.

3 – Next, you need the Account SID and the Auth token, both located at bottom of your Twilio dashboard as you can see here:

Setting up AutomatorWP

Now that you have all the information from your Twilio account ready, is the moment to configure AutomatorWP on your site using this information.

1 – Go to your site and navigate to AutomatorWP > Settings > Twilio.

2 – Enter your Account SID, Auth token and your Twilio number on the fields with the same name and click on Save Settings.

That’s all! Now that you have successfully connected AutomatorWP and Twilio, you are able to automate SMS messages sending based on your site activity like purchases, e-learning and community activities or any of the triggers supported by AutomatorWP.

In addition, you can check the automations samples page where you can see some samples of the possibilities of this add-on.