Schedule actions of an automation

After install Schedule Actions add-on, a new option with the text “Schedule” will appear on all actions of your automations:

Clicking on the “Schedule” option will open a new form that will let you decide between delay the action or schedule it for a specific date:

Delay an action

Checking the delay option will let you to delay this action by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years after a user completes the automation:

After save the delay configuration, the “Schedule” option will change to let you know in a quick view the schedule of any action:

Schedule an action

Checking the schedule option will let you to schedule the execution of this action to the specific date of your choice:

After save the schedule configuration, the “Schedule” option will change to let you know in a quick view the schedule of any action:

Important: If user completes the automation after the scheduled date, the action will get executed immediately.

Different schedules for actions of the same automation

Schedule Actions add-on gives you the ability to setup different schedules to each action of the same automation.

The following screenshot shows how the first action is scheduled for 1 hour later, the second action is scheduled for 2 days later and the last action is not scheduled, which means that the last action will get executed immediately:

Log entries for scheduled actions

Logs are the place where all triggers, actions and automations completions are registered, but for scheduled actions the logs entries are a bit different.

First, when user completes all triggers of an automation, all not scheduled actions will be executed inmediately.

But for scheduled actions, a new log entry will appear letting you know that this action has been scheduled and the date and hour of its execution:

After the necessary time has passed, automatically will appear new log entries to let you know that scheduled actions has been executed and, in consequence, when all actions gets executed the automation will be marked as completed: