Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms is a Form Builder that is becoming very popular on WordPress Community. Its strength is based on the amount of already made templates that the plugin includes on its installation without doing anything more.

Install Caldera Forms AutomatorWP integration

First of all, you will need to, obviously, download our Caldera Forms integration plugin from your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add new. You can download the pro version AutomatorWP Caldera Forms integration from our site too.

On the search field, type Caldera Forms AutomatorWP and click Install and then Activate.

Create a new Caldera form

Now you have to go to create a new Caldera Forms > Forms > New Form > Contact Form (first one!).

The automation mode

For creating a new automation, we have to go to AutomatorWP > Automation > New Automation

Select the anonymous one. Remember our anonymous automations can only be set with only one trigger.

Triggers config

Now, we have to select Caldera Forms > Guest submits a form and we have to select Contact Form… yep! The one you have just created.

adding a contact form

Actions section

You can choose between using an existing user or creating a new one. We recommend always choosing the first option Existing user to check if the user who has filled the contact form is already created on your system, so… let me show you how:

  1. Choose the Existing user option.
  2. Choose the option Email from Field to search the user selection field.
  3. On Field value input, select the hamburger button and click on Guest submits {Form} and then on Form field value option.
  4. After clicking on Form field value you will see a filled text on the field with a structure similar to TRIGGER_ID:form_field:FIELD_NAME. Let’s see every element:
    • TRIGGER_ID is a number generated automatically by WordPress, so, you do not have to touch it, yeah, do not touch it, let it like it is.
    • form_field is the name of the tag you are using, so you have to keep this text as it is too.
    • FIELD_NAME is the only one text you have to change by the field ID name of your Caldera Contact Form. You can find it on Caldera Forms > Forms > Form you are using > select the field you would like to check and copy the value on “slug”.
creating an anonymous form

Then press Save the action and Save & Activate the Automation.

Your Caldera Contact Forms form is ready to get leads!