User clicks on a link

User click on a link trigger lets your users to complete an automation by simply clicking a link letting you, through a simple click, run any action of your choice like send an email to the user, update the user role or included enroll user in a course.

When you add a new trigger, you can find the user clicks on a link trigger under the AutomatorWP integration.

This trigger configuration looks like this:

The unique setting is the number of times the user needs to click the link to mark this trigger as completed.

Displaying the link

User click on a button trigger gives you the [automatorwp_link] shortcode configured with the trigger attribute that you need to place to let users click it.

[automatorwp_link] shortcode accepts a set of attributes that you can use to personalize different parts of the button like the label text or set the value of some buttons attributes like the id, class or href attributes.

Automations samples

You can check the automations samples page where you can see some samples of the possibilities of this add-on.