Contact lists

When you connect your site with HubSpot, you will be able to create automations with the HubSpot add-on actions.

The “Add or remove a contact to a list” action gives you the fantastic ability to add or remove any contact from any list. Still, an important requirement is that this action only can work with static contact lists.

HubSpot includes two kinds of contact lists, dynamic and static lists. Dynamic lists are auto-generated based on a set of rules you define for your contact and do not allow manual assignments; meanwhile, static lists are lists that you can add or remove contacts manually.

For that, it is important that if you want to add or remove contacts from a list using AutomatorWP, the unique lists that you will be able to choose from AutomatorWP are the static ones.

Creating static contact lists on HubSpot

Access your HubSpot dashboard and navigate to Contact > Lists. On this screen, you can create a new list by clicking the “Create List” button.

Next, be sure to mark the list as a contact-based and choose the option “Static list.”

Now, on AutomatorWP, you will be able to use the action “Add or remove a contact from list” and choose any of the static contact lists you have on HubSpot.