Logs let’s you know every user completion and which actions is perform AutomatorWP.

You can access to the logs by accessing to your WordPress admin area and navigate to AutomatorWP -> Logs menu:

There are 3 different logs types:

Triggers: Trigger logs are registered every time a user completes the requirements of an automation’s trigger.

Some triggers include the “Number of times” option, this option let’s you setup the number of times the user needs to complete a trigger, for example, you can setup a trigger for “User views any post 3 times”.

These type of triggers will register a log entry every time the user meets the trigger requirements based on the number of times, it means that if you have setup a trigger for “3 times” you will see 3 log entries for this trigger.

Actions: Actions logs are registered at the moment that user completes all automation’s triggers and then AutomatorWP execute the automation’s actions.

Inside the action log, you can see the result of this action and the most important, you can see the final result after tags get applied:

Automations: Automation logs are registered at the moment that user has completed all automation’s triggers and AutomatorWP has executed all the automation’s actions.

If you have a modified the automation completion times fields, then every automation log entry will let you know how many times a user has completed an entire automation.