Anonymous Automations

Anonymous automations lets you handle triggers and apply the actions on a different user than the one that triggered the automation, unlike logged-in automations that are designed to run the actions on the same user that triggered the automation.

Anonymous automations are ideal to create new user accounts or update existing ones in a simple way like:

When guest submits a form

Create a new user
(if exists, do not run the actions)
Change user profile type
On receive data from Zapier

Select a existing user
(if not exists, create a new one)
Enroll user in a course

Anonymous automations include a new component in the Actions section where you can configure if you wish to run the actions on a existing user or create a new one.

Creating an anonymous automation

Access to your WordPress admin area and navigate to AutomatorWP -> Automations menu. At the top of this view you can find a button to Add new automation.

A dialog will appear to let you choose the automation type you want to create, choose Anonymous and click on Confirm.


Anonymous automations only support one trigger per automation, for that, on the triggers area, you won’t be able to add more than one trigger (as you can do on logged-in automations) and also the trigger list will be reduced to triggers designed for anonymous automations.

In the All triggers and actions page, the triggers designed for anonymous automations are identified with the icon as you can see in the next image:

User selector

The user selector is the component that lets you decide to which user will be the actions applied. It lets you to choose between an existing user or a new user.

Each option opens a form where you can setup how to search the existing user or the account information of the new user. Additionally, each option includes an option that lets you decide what to perform in case this component can’t get completed.

For existing user, in case the user doesn’t exists, you can choose between “Do not run the actions” or “Create a new user”.

For new user, in case there is a user account with the same details, you can choose between “Do not run the actions” or “Select a existing user”.

Of course, on both options, setting up the “Do not run the actions” will stop the automation without apply any action to the user.

On save the user selector configuration, you will be able to see a resume of the setup of this component like this:

Finally, you can add actions as you want and all of them will get applied to the existing user or new user created by the user selector component.


For Tags, the unique new workflow on anonymous automations are:

  • User tags won’t appear on the user selector component.
  • On the rest of actions the user tags make reference to the user selected or created by the user selector component.