Actions are the elements in an automation that determines what an automation will perform after all it’s triggers gets completed. Actions are known as “Do this”.

An action can be almost any task on a WordPress site (send an email to the user, update a user meta, add the user to a group , enroll user in a course, etc).

You can see a list of all current available triggers and actions here.

Adding actions to your automation

To add a new action to your automation is as simple as click on the Add action on the actions area:

Now you are able to choose the integration you want to add the action from:

Next, you will see the full list of available action from this integration (image shows actions from WordPress):

After choose the integration action, the new action will be added to the actions list:

The last step for every new action is configure it with the options you want. It’s as simple as click on the option you want to change and fill the option form with the configuration you want:

On click on the Save button, the action will get update with the configuration you setup:

Probably, while you are editing the action, you get noticed about a button at right of every field that doesn’t appears on triggers:

This button is to add tags to your action’s fields. You can find more information about tags here.