Redirect users

AutomatorWP includes the action “Redirect user to URL” that lets you redirect your users immediately to any URL of your choice when a user completes an automation.

Here are the steps to redirect your users after complete any automation:

  1. When editing an automation, click on Add action button.
  2. Choose AutomatorWP > Redirect user to URL.
  3. Click on the url option and enter the URL you want to redirect your users.

Apply different redirects using filters

With filters, you are able to set conditional redirects in the same automation, for example, you can redirect subscribers to an URL and contributors to a different one.

Here is an example using filters from our GamiPress integration to redirect users to different URLs based on their points balance:

With this setup, when a user completes this automation will get redirected to:

  1. The “Purchase points” page if user points balance is less than 100 gems.
  2. The “Points balance” page if user points balance is greater than 100 gems.