How to connect AutomatorWP with Integromat

Integromat is one of the most famous tools to connect services. It has a very intuitive interface that let you to create amazing flows without type a line of code!

If you are thinking about connecting your WordPress plugins with this tool, you can now do it through our Webhook add-on. Let’s see how do you get it!

What do you need

How to send data to Integromat

On your Integromat account:

  1. Create a new scenario.
  2. Choose as a trigger the Webhooks module.
  3. Copy the URL to send the data.

On your WordPress site:

  1. Set the trigger with the action you would like to catch and send it to Zapier. For this example, we will use “User purchases any product”.
  2. Set the action AutomatorWP > Send data to Webhook.
  3. Paste the URL you have copied before on your Integromat Trigger.
  4. Select send a POST request and fill pair keys with the data you would like to catch.
  5. Click on Send Test button to send a pair key data to Integromat and finish the scenario.

On Integromat Scenario again:

  1. Test if you have received the dummy content from your WordPress Site.
  2. Add a new module. For this example, we will store the data on a Google Sheet > Add a Row
  3. Select the Google Account you would like to connect > Select the spreadsheet, then the sheet and map your data.
  4. Activate the scenario and enjoy.

How to receive data from Integromat

On your WordPress site:

  1. Set the trigger AutomatorWP > Receive data from webhook.
  2. Click on webhook and copy the URL.
  3. Fill the key pars you would like to receive. For this example we will use a title and content to create a post from Google Sheet.
  4. Set the action Add action > WordPress > Create a Post.
  5. Fill data title > tag menu > receive data from a webhook > title and in the same for the content field.
  6. Save the Action and the automation.

On your Integromat Account:

  1. Create a new scenario.
  2. Choose as a trigger Google Sheet and as event trigger “New Spreadsheet Row” and select your account, spreadsheet and sheet.
  3. Add a new module. Search by HTTP, select event POST and paste the URL that AutomatorWP generates before.
  4. Fill the data entering the same keys you have created on WordPress side.
  5. Test the fields and activate your Scenario.

Do you prefer Zapier? Check out our tutorial about this amazing tool.