Configure ActiveCampaign triggers

In this guide you will be able to connect your ActiveCampaign webhooks with AutomatorWP to enable the triggers included in our ActiveCampaign add-on.

If you want to enable the add-on actions you may need to check the “Configure ActiveCampaign actions” guide.

Connect ActiveCampaign webhooks with AutomatorWP

1 – In your site, navigate to AutomatorWP > Settings > Active Campaign > Copy the URL inside the Webhook URL field.

2 – Come back to your ActiveCampaign dashboard, navigate to Settings (the cog at right-bottom) > Developer > Manage Webhooks.

3 – Click the Add button.

4 – Paste the webhook URL copied from AutomatorWP in the URL field.

5 – In the same screen check the options:

  • Type: Contact Added, Contact Tag Added, Contact Tag Removed and Contact Unsubscription.
  • Initialize From: By any user and By the API.

6 – Scroll down and click the Add button to save this webhook.

That’s all! Now ActiveCampaign will notify AutomatorWP about any changes and you will be able to handle them through the add-on triggers to run any of the actions supported by AutomatorWP.

In addition, you can check the automations samples page where you can see some samples of the possibilities of this add-on.