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Popup Maker is a versatile and flexible plugin to create any type of popup, modal, or content overlay for your WordPress website.

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When user makes a purchase with a total greater than $100
Show a popup with a discount for next purchase
When user completes a specific course
Show a popup with a congratulations message
When user subscription of a membership level expires
Show a popup with instructions about how to renew

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Frequently asked questions

AutomatorWP – Popup Maker integration adds an new check on your popups limiting its visibility.
This means that when a popup is used on the “Show a popup” action, this popup won’t get displayed until this action gets executed (to get the action executed, the user will need to meet all triggers from the automation first).

You can check the AutomatorWP documentation to understand what “automation”, “trigger” and “action” means.
About setting up the popup, check the Popup Maker documentation.

If you have setup a popup using the trigger “Time delay / Auto Open” you need to associate a cookie for the event “On Popup Close”.

For a depth explanation about how to setup this cookie in the way you wish, check this article from the Popup Maker documentation.

No, simply configure the popup with the trigger you wish and AutomatorWP will automatically limit its visibility when this popup is in use on an automation’s action.

For example, if you configure a popup to being displayed automatically (Popup Settings -> Trigger -> Time delay / Auto Open) the normal workflow is that the next time the user refresh a page, the popup will get displayed automatically.

Now, if you setup an AutomatorWP automation with the action “Show a popup”, then the popup won’t be displayed until the user meets all requirements.

Setup Example:
Popup Maker: Add new Popup -> Title: “Congratulations” -> Popup Settings -> Trigger -> Time delay / Auto Open
AutomatorWP: Add new automation -> Trigger “User completes a LearnDash course” -> Action “Show the Congratulations popup”

With this setup, the popup “Congratulations” only will be displayed at the moment the user completes a LearnDash course.

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