LearnDash is a full-featured WordPress LMS plugin that allows you to easily create and sell courses online.

Automations samples

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When user joins a group
Enroll user in a course
When user passes 5 quizzes
Add membership to the user
When user completes a course
Send data to Zapier

Triggers and actions

All triggers and actions included on this add-on


  • User attempts any/specific quiz
  • User completes any/specific topic
  • User completes any/specific lesson
  • User completes any/specific course
  • User views any/specific quizPRO
  • User views any/specific lessonPRO
  • User views any/specific topicPRO
  • User views any/specific coursePRO
  • User completes any/specific quiz with a grade percentage greater than, less than or equal to a specific percentagePRO
  • User attempts, passes or fails any/specific quizPRO
  • User is enrolled in any/specific coursePRO
  • User is added to any/specific groupPRO
  • User uploads an assignmentPRO
  • User approves an assignmentPRO


  • Enroll user in all/specific course
  • Reset all/specific quiz attemptsPRO
  • Mark all/specific topic as completed/not completedPRO
  • Mark all/specific lesson as completed/not completedPRO
  • Enroll or unroll user from all/specific coursePRO
  • Mark all/specific course as completed/not completedPRO
  • Reset all/specific course progressPRO
  • Add or remove user from all/specific groupPRO
  • Send an email to the user’s group leadersPRO


A license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Each installation of the add-on will require a license key in order for you to receive updates and support. More information


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