GamiPress is the easiest way to gamify your WordPress website in just a few minutes, letting you award your users with digital rewards for interacting with your site.

Automations samples

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When user earns any achievement
Add tag to the user
When user reaches a specific rank
Add referral to the user
On receive specific data from Zapier
Award points to the user

Triggers, actions and filters

All triggers, actions and filters included on this add-on


  • FREE User earns an amount of points of a type
  • FREE User earns an achievement
  • FREE User reaches a rank
  • PRO User points balance is greater than, less than or equal to an amount
  • PRO User views an achievement
  • PRO User earns an achievement of a type
  • PRO User achievement gets revoked
  • PRO User achievement of a gets revoked
  • PRO User views a rank
  • PRO User reaches a rank of a type
  • PRO User rank gets revoked
  • PRO User rank of a type gets revoked
  • PRO User redeems a coupon where code matches with a condition
  • PRO User achievement expires
  • PRO User achievement of a type expires
  • PRO User rank expires
  • PRO User rank of a type expires


  • FREE Award points to user
  • FREE Award achievement to user
  • FREE Award rank to user
  • PRO Deduct points to user
  • PRO Revoke achievement to user
  • PRO Revoke rank to user


  • PRO User points balance matches with an amount
  • PRO User has earned an achievement
  • PRO User does not has earned an achievement
  • PRO User rank matches with a rank


A license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Each installation of the add-on will require a license key in order for you to receive updates and support. More information


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