The story of AutomatorWP

In 2018, Ruben and Irene (CEOs at GamiPress), based on their client’s requests, they realized that the WordPress ecosystem need some kind of plugin to allow modifying the way other plugins work and to be able to connect the different processes with each other.

GamiPress was already able to handle other plugins events to turn them into gamification awards, and this is when the light bulb went on, “Why don’t we use the GamiPress ability to transform activities in rewards and transform it into a way that users can decide what happens when events occur?” and this is when AutomatorWP was born.

AutomatorWP was designed to handle any of the activities that happens on any WordPress site and transform them on the administrator desired workflows, opening the door to a brand new era to WordPress because now, any administrator is able to modify how their plugins interact together and much more, connect any of them with external web services like Zapier or Integromat.

Meet the team

Ruben Garcia

Ruben is an avid developer from Alicante, Spain and the lead developer for GamiPress.

Author of more than 120 WordPress plugins and with more than 40 open source projects on Github, prides himself for getting his code running on thousands of websites around the world.

When he’s not developing he spends time with his wife Irene enjoying walk, nature, watching series, playing and developing video games.

Irene Berna

After spending 4 years in health and nutrition consultancy, Irene dipped her head into the WordPress industry co-funding numerous marketplaces and communities with Ruben.

Irene loves designing news assets, sweeping up support tickets and crafting video tutorials for GamiPress and AutomatorWP.

As handmade passionate, when she’s not at her computer, Irene loves design and sewing her own clothes as well as numerous accessories including backpacks for her whole family.

Francisco Gonzalez

Francisco worked in the corporate world providing technical support and development in different languages for more than 12 years. Passionate of organic products and healthy living, Francisco dedicates his free time to cycling mountain routes, taking care of his garden and enjoying his family and friends.

Gisela Bravo

Gisela is one of the most known automation consultants worldwide and recommended by several automation tools as a trusted expert.

Her passion is the productivity and marketing automation, even that on her free time she dedicates to continuing to learn more in this field and talks about in on her podcast El Camino Automático.

Flavia Bernardez

Flavia is a well-known member of the WordPress community in Spain as she organizes the WPAlicante meetup and has been a speaker at numerous WordCamps.

Flavia loves fixing stuff and solving problems using design methods and defines itself as a cat lover (without cat), soccer fan and a full-fledged movies fan.

More plugins from the AutomatorWP team


GamiPress is the easiest way to gamify your WordPress website in just a few minutes, letting you award your users with digital rewards for interacting with your site.

Easily define the achievements, organize requirements, and choose from a range of assessment options to determine whether each task or requirement has been successfully achieved.

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